JANUARY 2023 DEMOCRATIZING URBAN FARMING KNOWLEDGE & EMPOWERING ENTREPRENEURS News & Developments from the uRBFARM EU Project uRBFARM : Urban Farming & Entrepreneurship THE PROJECT We will build an education program in “Urban farming and entrepreneurship skills” for adult learners to foster adult learners’ green skills and responsibilities, therefore encourage them to build resilient communities […]


FEATURED PROGRESS FROM OUR RESEARCH Climate change conditions and consequences are becoming more and more difficult to predict. For this timely research is ever more important. To understand the agricultural needs and challenges of each partner country we consolidated knowledge on the legislation, policy, cultural and climate landscape with regards to urban farming and agriculture […]

URBFARM News Article

The URBFARM Project aims to raise awareness among citizens and empower them to initiate small-scale urban farming initiatives using vertical/indoor farming technologies and strategies. Such initiatives can be set up, for example, on balconies, rooftops, small gardens, and public places. Urban farming can generate income and create new job opportunities for low-skilled citizens.  This is a European Partnership with a […]