News & Developments from the uRBFARM EU Project

uRBFARM : Urban Farming & Entrepreneurship


We will build an education program in “Urban farming and entrepreneurship skills” for adult learners to foster adult learners’ green skills and responsibilities, therefore encourage them to build resilient communities and cities. Urban farming can produce income and the creation of new employment opportunities for local communities.


Empower more citizens to start small scale initiatives in urban farming, for instance on their balconies, rooftops, small gardens and public places.


The program targets major societal challenges, such as climate change, deterioration of life quality and mental health in urban areas, ageing population and increased unemployment.


Since the start of the project and launch of the website more than 50 interested people from all parts of the world expressed their interest and want to use MOOC.


The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is completed! The MOOC has a wide variety of learning materials – offered in English, Greek, Italian and German – that will teach you how to cultivate food all year around with practices from organic farming exploiting natural resources to increase crop productivity, consistency, and quality. The entrepreneurship module will help you to realize business ideas in an urban farming setting by looking at specific examples as well as community & engagement initiatives.

Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) Design of the uRBFARM Training Modules

The second result of the project is focused on the design and development of the uRBFARM training modules.The learning materials aim to provide adult learners with skills and knowledge in urban farming and entrepreneurship.

Training Module 1 | Vertical Farming

The overall aim of this module is to introduce low-skilled citizens to the global challenges they are confronted with and how they impact our food security as well as the impact of current agriculture on this and the solutions offered by Vertical Farming.

Training Module 2 | Organic Farming

The main objective of this module is to transform the way of thinking about farming and to develop knowledge about organic methods. Within the framework of this module, users can see possibilities for applying ideas and techniques from various organic farming approaches

Training Module 3 | Entrepreneurship Skills

This module aims to equip the learners with the basic knowledge when it comes to finance and economic terminology in use when starting an urban farming business. The main objectives are to support the learners in their basic financial & economic literacy, improve entrepreneurship skills when it comes to spotting opportunities to defining avision, and knowing the basics about mobilising needed resources and legal requirements for it for planning and managing an EPU, micro or small business.

“We aim to empower more citizens to start small scale initiatives in urban farming, for instance in their balconies, rooftops, small gardens and public places.’’

Training Module 4 |Community & Grassroots Initiatives

This module provides the basic definitions of grassroots and community initiatives on urban farming.

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Our Project Outputs, including our course, will be available in English, German, Greek and Italian. The course will be accessible in the EdX platform